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Commercial trucks that collide with passenger vehicles can cause catastrophic consequences. If you were hurt in a trucking accident, Pleasanton truck accident lawyer Stephen M. Fuerch is ready to fight for compensation from all at-fault parties. Having represented injured individuals for more than three decades, Mr. Fuerch understands the importance of securing maximum payments to cover current and future medical costs, as well as other expenses from the accident. A truck driver who caused a collision because of an improper wide turn can be held legally accountable, and the trucking company also may have been at fault.

Assert a Claim for Damages After a Wide Turn Accident

Truck drivers must undergo special education and training to help ensure that they prioritize safety when operating their vehicles. When operating a large truck in a narrow area, such as a dense urban neighborhood, drivers face the challenge of making turns in a small space. Some trucks even require an additional lane to execute turns. Without this mandatory clearance, the truck can swing into traffic or crush vehicles.

When a truck driver makes an improper wide turn and causes an accident, the driver may be held legally accountable. According to the legal theory of negligence, a breached duty of care that directly leads to harm entitles a victim to compensatory damages. Following a wide turn accident, the victim may file a personal injury claim against the driver and potentially other parties. Determining fault and liability after a crash is the first step toward recovering compensation.

The duty of care that a truck driver must meet involves refraining from causing foreseeable harm. In a situation in which an improper wide turn has led to a crash, an investigation of the driver’s conduct can reveal whether they may be liable. A driver who failed to properly check a blind spot or signal before their turn could be found to have breached their duty of care. Any actions that fail to rise to the level of reasonable care required for the circumstances may subject the driver to liability.

After showing a breached duty of care, a plaintiff must demonstrate causation. This entails showing that the careless truck driver directly caused the crash and the injuries.

As the last step in a negligence claim following a truck accident, the victim will set forth their damages. These remedies are intended to place the victim in the position in which they would be, had the accident not occurred. Wage loss and medical expenses are examples of compensation that may be recovered. Loss of earning capacity and emotional distress also may be set forth in a claim for damages.

Trucking Company Liability for Wide Turn Accidents

Truck drivers often work for trucking companies. When a driver causes an accident, the trucking company employer may be legally responsible for its driver’s actions. It may be indirectly liable through its employment relationship with the driver. There also are various legal theories that may result in direct liability, such as negligent hiring, negligent training, and negligent supervision. For example, trucking companies must ensure that their drivers are qualified to operate their vehicles. They also must conduct due diligence in hiring and managing drivers.

Entrust Your Truck Accident Claim to a Skilled Pleasanton Attorney

Attorney Stephen M. Fuerch has over 35 years of experience in a broad range of personal injury matters, and he is familiar with the regulations that govern the trucking industry. As an experienced truck crash lawyer, Mr. Fuerch is prepared to help you pursue a fair outcome after suffering serious injuries. By investigating all the potential at-fault parties, Mr. Fuerch will ensure that your legal claims are properly asserted. To understand your legal rights and next steps, contact our office at (925) 463-2575 or reach us online for a free consultation. We proudly help people throughout Contra Costa and Alameda Counties, including in Pleasanton, Fremont, San Ramon, Dublin, Hayward, and Walnut Creek.

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