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Personal Injury Law Firm in Pleasanton

The Benefits of Finding an Experienced Firm

If you are involved in an accident in Pleasanton and suffered personal injuries, you need an experienced personal injury law firm in Pleasanton to help you negotiate a settlement with an insurance company, file a lawsuit, or litigate a settlement. When choosing an Pleasanton injury law firm, there are several benefits to finding a law firm that has extensive experience in your type of case.

Injury Law Firm in Pleasanton

Most experienced personal injury attorneys in Pleasanton provide the benefit of free initial consultations with accident victims. In these initial consultations, the injury attorney asks questions about your accident and injuries to determine if your case has merit. An experienced injury law firm can save you a lot of time and effort by being frank with you if your case has no merit. If the injury attorney determines that your case is valid, you can benefit by asking some specific questions to determine if the attorney and law firm have the experience necessary to pursue a favorable outcome.

Evaluation Questions to Ask

Essentially, you are trying to determine if the personal injury law firm has the specific knowledge to negotiate or litigate a favorable settlement for you. Asking the following questions will help you gain the information you need to make a decision:

  • What percentage of the law practice is devoted to cases like yours? – Often, injury law firms specialize in specific accident types like slip and falls, truck accidents, or medical malpractice. You need to find a firm that has skill and success in cases like yours.
  • Does the injury attorney have experience negotiating settlements and litigating verdicts? – Most Pleasanton personal injury lawyers are specialize in either negotiating settlements or litigating verdicts. Ask what percentage of cases the law firm settles and what percentage it litigates. Experienced firms also provide specific results.
  • How will the legal fees be calculated? – Each Pleasanton personal injury law firm has its own method of calculating fees. Be sure to select a firm that provides highly qualified counsel for a reasonable fee.

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